Young Adults Create “War Room” for Local Widow

After losing both her son and husband one local woman turned to her faith to help her deal with the loss.

Now a Christian organization has stepped up to make sure she can continue healing through prayer.

Connie Bonner said she wanted to have a “war room” inside of her home.

A war room is a room used for prayer and spiritual healing.

“I miss my husband and my son so very much even to screw a screw in…I think about them when I go to do it”, said Bonner.

Bonner said she was inspired by the Christian film “War Room.”

“My prayer room…my prayer closet and they have gotten furniture for it and they’re fixing up my prayer room and me God are going to have a good time in there.”

Several young adults from the annual Georgia-Cumberland Conference camp along with help from the Samaritan Center are hammering a way to make Mrs. Bonner’s “War Room” a reality.

“When the conference called us and said do you know of somebody that could use help in a special hands on project we thought of her. We’re just privileged to work together with the pastors and the young adults of the Georgia-Cumberland Conference…to be here and set up special place here at her house”, said volunteer Eddie Schwisow.

The volunteers are spending two days renovating one the home’s existing rooms.

While Mrs. Bonner knows their constructing the prayer room the final outcome, will be a surprise.

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