Zeus’s job is sniffing out electronic storage devices

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WDEF) – You’ve seen drug dogs and bomb-sniffing dogs.

Now the TBI has a computer drive dog.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is introducing their newest K-9 officer, a two year old yellow Labrador Retriever named Zeus.

His specialty is sniffing out electronic storage devices.

So if you are hiding a hard drive, flash drive, or even small SD cards, Zeus can find it.

The TBI needs his expertise in cyber crimes, particularly child exploitation cases.

Officers can miss electronic storage devices when they are hidden in wall cracks, clothes, boxes, garbage, the ceiling or even in the laundry.

But Zeus doesn’t.

He has been trained to sniff out a chemical compound used in the devices.

“Zeus will enhance our ability to protect the state’s children and help ensure we have as much evidence as possible as cases involving electronic media continue to evolve,” explained TBI Director David Rausch.

“He will also be able to offer his unique ability to comfort his coworkers who are in high-stress situations, and reduce trauma for victims and witnesses.”

Zeus was originally being trained by Paws with a Cause to help people with disabilities or PTSD.

But demand for such dogs has dropped during the pandemic.

So trainers gave Zeus a new calling and new skills.

But he’ll still work as a comfort companion for both officers and child victims in his spare time.

He is available for investigations all across Tennessee.

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