1000 Miles on a Tractor

Chattanooga, Tenn (WDEF)- Imagine traveling over one thousand miles not by car, plane, or train… but on a tractor. That’s what Bill Lowery is doing, this pastor is on a mission to spread joy through a message.

Him ad his brother started their thousand miles voyage, “Pulling for Jesus”, in Illinois, with Florida being their last destination. The campaign is mean’t to inspire Christian believers everywhere, boldly and courageously speaking on their love for Christ.

“We believe there is a great need in America for on the street evangelism. Every farmer knows if you just leave the field neglected you get a big crop of weeds. It’s really humbling and I kind of tear up about it. The world has the need and we have the solution”, say Bill Lowery, Pastor and leader of the “Pulling for Jesus” campaign.

Along the way, Bill is making pit stops each evening, holding open-aired services at pre-arranged parking lots of churches or private businesses.

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