Sen. Bo Watson backing teacher’s choice with TNReady results

NASHVILLE — Senate Speaker Bo Watson (R-Hixson) expressed his support today for legislation giving teachers and principals the choice to include or exclude student’s TNReady results from faculty evaluations.

“I’m as frustrated and aggravated as everyone else,” said Sen. Watson. “We need to alleviate the concerns expressed by students, teachers, principals and parents about this test, which now may best be viewed as a trial run at TNReady.

“The proposed legislation ensures that these scores will not count for educators, unless it is beneficial.”

Under Senate Bill 2508, if at any point in this three-year transition an educator’s evaluation would not benefit by including the student growth data from the 2015-16 TNReady test, he or she can have that data excluded.

“Due to the glitches, teachers and principals are now going to have full control over whether or not they want to use them in their personal evaluations,” Watson said.  “At any time over the three years, they can make that choice which gives them the ability to choose their best scores over that time period.”

Wednesday, the Senate Education Committee approves the legislation unanimously. It is set for consideration in the Education Instruction and Programs Subcommittee in the House on Tuesday, where it is expected to be favorably recommended.

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