Dealers say Volkswagen still committed to new SUV’s for U.S. market, despite troubles

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Volkswagen dealers say don’t believe the rumors about the company pulling back from their U.S. commitments in the wake of the ongoing emissions scandal.
The association on Tuesday reported that VW reiterated to them last week that they remain committed to bringing at least two new SUV models to the United States.
That includes the midsize SUV scheduled to go into production in Chattanooga later this year.
Three members of the U.S. dealers association were in Germany last week for a meeting of dealers worldwide.
And they were once again reassured that Volkswagen was staying the course of bringing more models to our market.
Alan Brown who leaders the Volkswagen National Dealer advisory Council released a statement on Tuesday saying “What was foremost in our discussion was the commitment to volume in the United States in the mass market segment.”

“They assured us that this will happen and any change toward a near premium position is not being considered.”

Brown says he was promised that Volkswagen will green light the second SUV soon, which will be the smaller version.


“We have been told all of the things we needed to hear, and now it’s time to see if that translates into execution.”

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