Hijacker now in custody from Egyptian plane



BREAKING: Cyprus official says hijacker of EgyptAir plane has been arrested and the situation is “over”

LARNAKA, Cyprus (AP) – Local TV: 7 more people get off hijacked Egypt plane, man seen climbing out of cockpit window.


UPDATE: Most passengers on hijacked plane released

LARNACA, Cyprus (AP) – Officials say four crew members and three passengers remain on board an EgyptAir plane that was hijacked today and forced to land in Cyprus.

The plane was supposed to fly from Alexandria, Egypt to Cairo. It left Egypt with at least 55 passengers and seven crewmembers, and most everyone on board was released.

The hijacker also is still on the plane.

The president of Cyprus says he doesn’t think the hijacking has to do with terrorism, and the hijacker asked negotiators to deliver a letter to a woman in Cyprus.


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