A Year On After The Severe South Pittsburg Floods

SOUTH PITTSBURG, TN,(WDEF)-Residents say the water just kept on rising on a night they will never forget.
     Followed by a  clean up operation lasting days with homes and businesses destroyed.

Julie Wehunt, Walker Oil Co, South Pittsburg,"We have just been cleaning up a little at a time, we are still coming across some areas that we missed when we were cleaning up originally since then the whole town has been pretty well cleaned up"

At city hall they are still dealing with the cost of the floods, in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Sammy Burrows, City Administrator – City of South Pittsburg,"Trying to get a grant from the NRCS and USDA to work on some of the areas that were hit in our blue water streams, it washed a couple of bridges away did some damage to people’s properties"

Burrows says one of the biggest changes in the area has seen Marion County bring in a new cell and internet warning system.

"Basically they have a website you can go register now and email, cell phone, work number and any inclement weather that is coming in they will pass a warning to you"

At Lodge Manufacturing one of South Pittsburg’s biggest employers, last summer’s floods affected them for about three months but now they are back on track"

Henry Lodge, President of Lodge Manufacturing,"Lot of folks went to work to get us running one day after the flood but did it set our expansion project back about three months, we had a lot of equipment under the floor in the new addition"

Some residents say they are spending their own money to fill in damage done to local roads  after floods swept up drive ways and into their bedrooms in the middle of the night.

Some bridges are now reinforced and locals hope if there is a next time that the repairs will be enough.

City Administrator Sammy Burrows confirmed they have received 300,000 dollars from THDA for home repairs and bids have gone out this week.

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