After Republican Rout, State and Federal Leaders Stress Cooperation

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) – "Moving America forward with bi-partisan support."
That’s the theme on the local and national scene as both parties analyzed Tuesday’s election, and prepared for upcoming legislative sessions.
Elected leaders for the most part are leaving the bitterness and finger pointing to the pundits while they move ahead.

REP.CHUCK FLEISCHMANN, (R) TENN.3RD DISTRICT "I think this is a great opportunity for us to come together in the house and in the senate and work together..pass meaningful legislation, and maybe get some things to the president’s desk that he can sign."

Congressman Chuck Fleischmann set the tone for local and state GOP winners.
The Governor’s chair and the Tennessee General Assembly were already in the hands of Republicans–so some may say the election was not that important.

SEN. "BO" WATSON "We picked up two additional seats in the now its 28 republicans and 5 democrats. That gives us a lot of operational on legislation. It also challenges us because when you have that kind of majority you can do really most anything you want to do….you have to use good judgement and restraint."

Republicans have complained for 6 years about grid-lock in the congress.
That likely will change that Mitch McConnell will become Majority leader.
Tennessee senator Bob Corker will become head of the powerful Senate foreign relations committee, but he also stressed a theme of unity.

SEN. BOB CORKER, (R) TENNESSEE "Hopefully what this will bring is an era of us actually working in a bi-partisan way to solve our nation’s problems. So, I think solving our nation’s problems is very beneficial to Tennesseans and hopefully it will help spur the economy and help us deal with the fiscal issues that haven’t been dealt with, and establish more clearly our role in the world."

Third district Congressman Chuck Fleischmann overcame Democrat Mary Headrick to take a third 2 year term.

REP. CHUCK FLEISCHMANN, (R) TENNESSEE "I think the American people want to see us get things done. We’ve got to get America back to work …we want a strong, robust economy….there’s a lot of different things we can do. We can do the keystone pipeline…I think that’s something business leaders and labor leaders both like."

But congress will be a different place come January 3rd.
At his news conference Wednesday afternoon, President Obama also vowed to work across the aisle in his final two years in office.
But there was a stipulation—he says he will move ahead with controversial executive action on immigration.

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