Alexa Conference pitches voice tech uses

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Mayor Andy Berke kicked off the third annual Alexa conference on Tuesday.

News 12s Kaylee Nix shows us the companies collaborating to advance the world of voice tech.

“This is a big piece of who we are and with this voice conference one of the reasons it was so important to us is that we knew voice was a big part of the future. And Chattanooga is not going to be a city that holds onto its past for too long ever again.”

The Alexa conference brings together over 40 vendors and hundreds of attendees all talking about the hottest innovations in voice assist technology.
Groups like X2 games set up to display their gadgets, like a voice controlled murder mystery game.

“This is St. Noir, our AI Murder mystery game and you have 12 locations and 12 suspects….one of the biggest things that stands out with St. Noir is that it’s fully voice acted with professional sound design so you never actually hear Alexa’s voice. Throughout the whole thing youre getting professional voice actors with professional sound effects and its a very nice immersive experience.”

Conference founder Bradley Metrock started the event due to the permanent nature of voice assist technology.

“Voice technology is not some fad, its not some gizzmo, whizzbang thing that’s just here today gone tomorrow. Because voice is something that is integral to our experience as human beings it became very clear to us that technology is moving in that direction in a very meaningful and permanent way.”

And Metrock believes the benefit in conferences like this is the ability to collaborate in order to push the tech forward.

“Voice technology things like Alexa and google assistant and Siri and all these others, they’re going to have their challenges they’re going to have bumps in the road along the way. But the reality is voice is a part of who we are and voice technology is going to continue to evolve and take over whether we like it or not and so we might as well be thinking about how to best impact the technology so it best serves the most people moving forward.”

In Chattanooga, Kaylee Nix News12 now.

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