Attorney issues statement on behalf of Ooltewah Head Coach

In the wake of three former Ooltewah High School basketball players facing aggravated rape charges, an attorney has issued a statement on behalf of the head coach.

Because all parties involved are juveniles, information is limited.

But three students have been charged with aggravated rape and assault actions that happened during a trip to a basketball tournament in Gatlinburg before Christmas.

Attorney Curtis Bowe issued a statement today on behalf of Ooltewah High basketball coach Andre Montgomery.

In the statement he said…

        "It is imperative that we all recognize that the issue affecting our community is not hazing or bullying….Rather, it is the unilateral decision of three individuals currently charged with a sexual offense…. Sexual offenses must not be reduced to popular buzz words like hazing or bullying. Ever…."

It went on to defend Coach Montgomery from much of the criticism he has received in the fall out saying….

        "Our community does not and should not condone ascribing blame for someone else’s conduct. …Yet, that is what most commenting have done. Everyone needs to stop….This act by three individuals against one of their own is inconsistent with what Coach Montgomery knows of them – in the classroom and in the athletic arena."

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