How Bethel Bible Village has coped with Covid-19

Bethel was founded in 1954 by a prison minister who was asked by one of the prisoners he was ministering to, to check on his boys.

And he found six boys living in cardboard boxes out in the woods and that was the genesis of Bethel Bible Village.

Here at Bethel we are fortunate because we have our children who are on campus.

So they are able to continue going to school at a very low risk because they are on campus, and not exposed to the general public; like other kids are.

Back in the spring we were able to pivot very quickly and have our teachers teach remotely but the children continued to go to the school building to do their lessons in the school building.

Chandler: We were all in like the big room at the school. And we were all on our computers but we were all together. And we can still interact with our teachers through zoom and email; when we had a question.The teachers are back in the classroom now with the students and we had opening of the school about a week and a half ago. The kids were so excited to get back into the school. Even though they had been here on campus, they were really very excited about getting back into the school.So our students live on campus. They live in cottages in the mornings they walk to the school. We group them at the door. Take everybody’s temperature. Get them in. And then they start off with their regular classes. So these are all the advantages that we have. We haven’t really miss a beat.

Tom: I had one of our house parents, he actually helped me a lot through it. He actually helped me a lot and do most of, that was willing to sit down there with me like 24/7 to help me and get me everything I needed.We can do online stuff if that still needs to be done. Or we can have our classes inside. We are getting very creative using outside space so that the kids can have mask breaks.Natural sound: [child kicks a ball]We have a beautiful campus. A lot of room to spread out and that is so beneficial for us. The staff here they are just fantastic. It’s great to work with such a great team whether it be the school team, or the house parent team this is a fantastic and special place.

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