Why did the Blizzard of 93 take so many by surprise?

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – If you talk to people who were here during the Blizzard of 93, some will tell you that there was no warning.

They’re not remembering it right.

Meteorologists warned of a big snow, a week out.

It did arrive about 12 hours later than they thought, but otherwise it performed as expected (the snow was supposed to begin in the morning/noon, but didn’t until closer to midnight.. the weather guys were sweating bullets all day)

But a lot of folks had good reason not to pay attention.

We had just gone through several mild winters.

In 92-93, we had several close calls that didn’t turn into much.

In fact, in February, we put together this story about possible explanations for why we weren’t getting any snow.

And yes, we’ve been talking about global warming for at least 25 years now.

This story, along with the 20 inch snow that followed in March, are a cautionary tale to people on either side about basing your arguments on today’s weather.

For the record, the Blizzard of 93 didn’t begin a new ice age for the Tennessee Valley.

The next few winters were once again mild.

But you can bet that after March 13, 1993, people did pay more attention to snow forecasts.

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