Bradley County Mayor: Slow COVID-19 Testing, More Vaccinations

Bradley county mayor expressed frustration over the limited number of vaccines given each day. Currently, the county is doing daily COVID-19 testing half the day and the other half vaccinations. According to the Mayor, this is significantly limiting the number of vaccines administrated each day. Tennessee requires each county health department to provide daily COVID-19 tests. The Mayor suggests only doing a few days of testing, so vaccines can be distributed at a much larger scale. Citing numerous places to get testing, but only one place and health department in Bradley County to get vaccinated.

“As late as this morning, I was told that discussions are going on with the state health department and they will let us know of any progress. In the meantime, tomorrow morning we’ll back to testing instead of vaccinating again. I’m just trying to get them to understand that if we have the shipments in and if they keep coming in like they’ve been coming, we could get a lot more needles in arms a lot quicker,” says Bradley County Mayor Gary Davis.

Second dose vaccinations began last week in Bradley county. Because of that, not a single new person was vaccinated Tuesday. The mayor hopes the state health department will soon change their requirements.

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