Car crashes into C & W Cafe

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – One person was seriously injured this morning when a car crashed into a local cafe.

It’s been reported that the injured person was the driver of the vehicle.

The accident happened around 5 o’clock on South Highland Avenue and East 23rd Street at C-And-W Cafe.

According to Chattanooga Police Department, the crash is in connection to a shooting.

Chattanooga has seen a rise in shootings this year, with causes being attributed to the pandemic and a decrease in the job market.

Kevin West, Program and News Director at W-G-O-W, keeps a running record of shootings in Chattanooga by year, dating back to 2010.

“We started that because through the early 2000s whenever you would ask for particular shooting numbers from a law enforcement agency you’d get different numbers. Number of shooting incidents, maybe three people were shot in that incident but they counted it as one incident.”

The injured driver, Wayne Dews, is being treated at the hospital for his injuries.

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