Chattanooga honors crime victims

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – This is National Victims’ Rights Week, and about a hundred people turned out for an event this morning in the Walker Pavilion at Coolidge Park.

Ten events have been held this week in various cities across the state.

Several dozen family members of crime victims were there this morning.

There were also representatives from several state agencies advocating on behalf of the victims, and for making our communities safer.

Our own Chip Chapman was the MC, and Sheriff Jim Hammond gave the keynote address.

He told a story of a woman who narrowly escaped becoming a victim and a motorist helped her get away from her kidnapper.

“But it’s the thing that keeps me advocating for groups, who will reach out to victims to see that that doesn’t happen anymore to the best we can. All of us working together can make a difference, whether you’re a volunteer, whether you’re a family member of a victim, or whether you’re those who just want to see that kind of thing never happen again.”

Caroline Huffaker was chosen for the 2018 Voice for Victims award for her outstanding service on behalf of crime victims.

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