Chattanooga man accused of sexual battery in front of the victim’s children

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF) – Chattanooga police have arrested a man accused of committing sexual battery on a woman in front of her children.

Joshua Fitch, 38, of Chattanooga is facing two counts of domestic assault, sexual battery and extortion.

According to a Complaint affidavit obtained by News 12, an alleged female victim told police that on June 16, that she and her children moved to Chattanooga from Atlanta.

She said on that same date, she and her children were at the Community Kitchen getting food to eat and inquiring about a place to stay when Fitch came up to her and offered her and her kids to stay with him at his hotel room in the 5500 block of Brainerd Road.

According to the written affidavit, the woman was apprehensive at first but decided to take Fitch up on his offer since she and her kids had nowhere else to go.

The victim told police that once they all got to the hotel room and the children fell asleep, Fitch demanded sex as payment for the hotel room and board. According to the victim, she was not willing to have sex with him so he struck her in the face, causing her eye to swell shut. She said she feared being hit again so she had sex with him.

The victim told officers that after she and Fitch finished having sex, he told her she would have to pay rent in the form of sex and sexual favors every Friday. She also told police she did not report the June 16 incident for fear of being assaulted and losing a place for herself and her kids to stay.

According to the victim, Fitch attempted to have sex with her eight days later while she was pouring cereal for her children. During that incident, Fitch reportedly wrapped his hands around her and aggressively told her it was time to pay the rent.

When the victim told him she was not going to have sex with him because her children were present, he reportedly picked her up, threw her on the bed and attempted to pull her pants off in front of her children.

The woman told police she fought back but that Fitch punched her multiple times in the chest and face. She also said when she threatened to call police, he told her, “go ahead and call them; they won’t believe you,” before walking out the room.

After Fitch left the room, the woman gathered her children and their belongings and called a taxi to take them to the police station.

When the victim arrived at the police station, investigators noticed she had a swollen face and other injures from being assaulted.

An investigator gave the woman a contact number for a family shelter.

An arrest warrant was immediately taken out for Fitch.

Fitch is no stranger to trouble to trouble. Hamilton County court records show that he has criminal rap sheet one and half pages long with convictions that date back 1998.

Fitch is currently being held on a $19,500 bond. His next court appearance is scheduled for July 13.

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