Chattanooga man arrested for sending police on wild goose chase

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF) – On two separate occasions, he told police he was robbed and even said he was jumped by two men whom he fought to save his life. But police say it was big lie.

Freddie Hambrick, 41, of Chattanooga was arrested and charged with two counts of filing false reports and two counts of illegal use of 911.

The case began this past Monday when Hambrick called 911 to report that he was robbed at gun-point by two men in the 5200 block of Brainerd Road.

A neighbor reportedly told police that Hambrick said he fought off the two men. But there were doubts about his story because he didn’t have any visible injuries that would suggest he was in a scuffle.

On Thursday, Hambrick reportedly called 911 and told dispatchers he was robbed inside a parking lot in the 5200 block of Brainerd Road.

When police arrived to that location, they could not find Hambrick or a suspect. According to the arrest report, officers used cell phone coordinates which located the call near the 6000 block of Lee Highway.

Hambrick reportedly called a second time and told authorities that he was still inside the parking lot where the alleged robbery took place.

Officers eventually took Hambrick into custody after it became apparent that neither of his stories about being robbed were true.

There was also a warrant out for his arrest for a previous assault case.

Hambrick bonded out of jail and is now due in court on November 12.

WDEF did some background checking and learned that Hambrick had numerous criminal convictions in 2009.

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