Chattanooga mom arrested after her son accidentally shot himself

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)– A Chattanooga mom is jail this afternoon after her child accidentally shot himself.

It happened on Monday inside a residence in the 3500 block of Hughes Avenue.

According to police, the victim is a 13-year old mentally handicapped boy.

Police were dispatched to the home on a call about an accidental shooting but when they arrived, they made contact with a 13-year old who told them he was shot by the "ice cream man."

The child eventually told police he shot himself with a gun that belonged to his mother’s boyfriend. He said the gun was kept in some clothes in a closet.

According to the arrest affidavit, the mothers boyfriend arrived at the hospital and told police there was only one gun in the house and that it was a Lorcin.22 caliber.

When the child’s mother, Shallon Sales, 36, of Chattanooga arrived at the hospital, officers informed her that her son accidentally shot himself with a gun that was in her home.

Sales reportedly told police she was unaware of any firearm in her residence. An investigator asked her if there were any other firearms in the home and she reportedly told him she didn’t know because some people she did not know were staying there; despite being the only person on the lease at that residence.

Sales signed a consent form to allow officers to search her residence and remove any illegal items that would potentially danger her child.

During their search, police found three handguns; two of which were loaded and one was reported stolen. Police also found drug paraphernalia, marijuana and unmarked pills.

Due to the amount of illegal narcotics and loaded weapons around a child who was described as being in a diminished mental state, coupled with the alleged lack of supervision, Sales was charged with aggravated child neglect.

Her bond was set at $50,000 and she’s due in court on August 20.

According to police, Sale’s son suffered a non-life threatening injury.

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