Chattanooga Ranked the Best City for Remote Workers

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- If you notice that the sidewalks in downtown Chattanooga are less crowded during lunch time, don’t worry, it’s not a sign that the city’s growth has declined.

More of us are just working from home.

Chattanooga is considered the number one city in the nation for people seeking to work from home or remotely.

“The remote style way of working, due to covid mainly, has just become a lot easier and a lot more convenient as far as gas money goes,” said freelance social media manager Brie Stevens.

 Connectivity is the key that starts this economic engine.

 “We have the worlds fastest speed, the first to offer gig service, and to make it available at home, business-anywhere in the community you can get this level of connectivity,” said J. Ed Marston from E.P.B.

 Stevens believes job opportunities in Chattanooga are scarce.

Brie and some of her peers are trying to catch on with companies in larger cities, but they still plan to live in Chattanooga.

 “I learned that communications as a whole was a lot broader and there was a lot more things inside of communications and marketing that I could do,” said Stevens.

Remotely working allows Stevens to never miss out on her next gig.

 “I found that most times when I’m working I can also find further opportunities and ads for jobs,” said Stevens.

Almost 7 percent of Hamilton County residents worked from home in 2019 according to the Census.

Working from home is not a recent trend, in fact, the US Census reported that remote workers have increased every year since 2010. 


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