Chattanooga Women’s Rally

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Chattanooga hosted its own Women’s Rally at Miller park.

Women around the city celebrated the centennial milestone of women’s right to vote.

Protesters braved the wet conditions to make a statement of their own.

Roaring “boos” and phrases like “you don’t belong here” rattled through the crowd as Robin Smith took the stage.

Saturday morning’s rally was meant to be a progressive step forward for women’s rights.

Guest Speaker Robin Smith did receive backlash for her appearance.

Organizers organizers say they prefer a civil approach to protesting but they do respect the opinions of both sides of the political coin.

“It’s very important that we support women and not tear them down but at the same time I know that we have a diversity of thought.”, says rally organizer Kristy Wilder.

“I respect their opinion to protest their thoughts.” Said Tenesha Irvin as she emcee’d the event. “I respect Robin for coming and showing up knowing that she might be faced with that type of negativity. We can agree to disagree and still show love and compassion to one another.”

Miracle Hurley spoke to the crowd and presented poetry. Following here presentation she said, “There’s so many things that divide us in this country and so many things that we focus on. but the one thing that we do -the commonality that we all share is that we are all women.”

One protester, Allison Smith, didn’t shy away from expressing her frustration. “My main issue is with Robin Smith. I believe she has said some extremely racist sexist and homophobic things. And she has supported legislation that feels that way.”

Despite the protest and differences in values, Kristy Wilder says the rally is meant to celebrate women’s right to vote but there is still more to be accomplished. “We are 50 percent of the population in Tennessee and yet we are not 50 percent of the representation and leadership and being elected officials so we have work to do.”

Emotions were high during the rally but the overall belief is that the future will be bright for women across America as long as they take advantage of their rights.

“If we are not happy with policies or who our elected officials are then take actin and let’s vote”, said Kristy Wilder.

Emcee Tenesha Irvin said, “I’m looking for a future where women can do just as much as men if not more. I’m looking for a future where women can com together and fight for each others rights and can amicably agree to disagree.”

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