Chattanoogans Discuss Air Quality

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-Sarah Steffner, Mother of Asthma Sufferer,"The first time you see your kid have an asthma attack, a really bad one and you think, i don’t know if that is fixable".

Fighting for every breath was the focus at the Pediatric Health Improvement Coalition and Climate TN summit in downtown Chattanooga.

Mayor Berke praised how far Chattanooga has come in fighting air pollution but reminded the audience of the Scenic City’s smoggy past.

"In to our air because of our setup with a valley surrounded by mountains those pollutants just sat right here in our area, if you see the pictures of what our city looked like in the 1970’s you would that just had to be a bad camera".

Environmental experts believe Chattanooga could be a clean air role model for other cities as well as countries in the developing world.

Dr. Joel Ledbetter, Erlanger, "Healthy lungs equal happy babies, i like that, so i am going to end today with this comment, clean air equals happy lungs, equals happy babies".

Environmentalists also discussed the dangers of coal burning and keeping clean power plants open and well maintained.

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