Chattanooga’s GigTank Demo Day Attracts I.T and 3D Thinkers From Across North America

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-They pitched and they pitched, 11 teams all hoping that their ideas would have investors opening up their check books.

One company hoping for close to a million dollars in support designed  a health and fitness app that will make doctors and nurses medical advice live and interactive on your tablet or phone.

Maria Currier, KOR Health,"Its a very social app, so not only is the social network within core your family and friends like your used to, but it also includes your doctors, your nurses your health coach, anyone you need to talk to in relation to health care"

Another team worked  with EPB to bring home electricity meters into the 21st century.

Albert Hu, GridCure,"In real time as well as residential malfunction your home AC is turning on randomly at 3am every morning that kind of thing we can detect, if someone is stealing power from the grid we can detect"

One team are moving to the Scenic City to make shoes but not the way you’d think.

Lucy Beard, Feetz Shoes, "We are moving here from California and we actually have facilities here where we going to create the world’s first 3D printing shoe factory, we are going to make over a 1000 pairs of shoes a month here in Chattanooga Tennessee"

But it was a panel discussion on the future of 3D printing that got everyone’s attention.

Some of the leading experts in the 3D printing world say Chattanooga is ready to have an impact in an industry described as one of the most important of our generation.

Terry Wohler, 3D Printing Guru, "Furniture, car parts airplane parts, dental parts, toys, food, the list goes on and on"

Wohler says he’s been  wowed by Chattanooga and believes it’s I.T and manufacturing companies could combine to bring 3D printing jobs to Tennessee.

"Sell machines, service and support the machines, you could be a designer to design the data and the parts and products that are being printed and sold you can help with the chemistry because there’s a lot of opportunity for new materials"

Other experts say 3D printing will change the way we live and shop in the coming years.

Bruce Bradshaw, Stratasys, 3D Printing,"The sink in the bathroom, the PVC pipe that you have doesn’t quite work so what do you do, I think in the not so distant future you are going to go online and pick a design at home depot and modify it slightly to suit that fitting that the bathroom you just did, hit print and by the time you get to the store and by the time you get to the store you will have a PVC pipe that actually works for you"

All the teams we spoke to say they aim to create US made products and provide more Americans with STEM jobs.

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