Cleaning the Salt Off Your Car

When the melting snow mixes with the salt on the roads.. a big mess for vehicles is created.

The weather is warmer and after last week’s snow storms, the carwashes are packed.

"Yeah we had another nice day yesterday," Surfs Up Car Wash attendant Dalton Townley told News 12. "We had a record breaking day with the amount of cars that came through. We had close to a thousand cars so we did really well."

Salt and brine is the culprit.

They are laid down by chemical trucks all over the roads to keep cars from slipping during ice storms. But if left on your car, the result can be devastating.

"If it sits in salt for a long time it can actually make the car start to fall apart and the rust will ruin the metal on it," Townley said from his car wash on Signal Mountain Boulevard.

The mud and salt on the car body may be ugly but it’s underneath the car where salt build up is most dangerous.

Triple A just released tips to keep your car clean after a thaw and they recommend a touchless car wash that offers under carriage pressure washing.

They also suggest washing your car on a day warmer than 40 degrees.

"It’s not good to let salt sit on your car in general but it’s definitely worse to sit underneath your car where people usually don’t see."

Many drivers can do these washes themselves.

There aren’t really chemicals available that can protect your car from salt but care and attention once the storms have passed should keep your car in great shape.

"You gotta hurry up and get it off first of all," customer Cory Simpson of Chattanooga said.  "You don’t want it to get that salt on it. I pretty much keep my car clean a lot so I don’t really have a problem of letting it build up or anything like that. But as quickly as possible you need to get it off that vehicle."

Reported by Andy Santoro


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