Cleaning toilets could leave these workers flush with cash

Cleaning toilets isn’t highly paid work — unless the particular toilet you’re cleaning happens to be clogged with cash. 

Authorities in Switzerland say that staff at a local cafe and two restaurants can keep more than 95,000 euros — that’s $109,000 — in high-denomination bills that had been flushed down the commode. 

The curious tale started in May of last year, when employees at a UBS bank branch in Geneva discovered toilets clogged with 40,000 euros in ripped notes, according to Bloomberg News. Police later viewed bank video footage showing four people making multiple trips from the bank vault to the toilets, the wire service reported, citing an earlier story in Swiss daily newspaper Tribune de Geneve.

Later that day, 8,500 euros was found in the toilets of a bakery in the same building; that evening, a cleaning lady at a nearby cafe found about 26,000 euros, the newspaper said. An even larger windfall came the next month, when workers at a pizzeria came upon 60,000 euros in partially ruined notes. 

Prosecutors closed the case without offering any theories as to why the cash was flushed in the first place, and now the workers can apply to keep the money, authorities said.

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