Cleveland Fire Dept Aim To Stay Ahead Of Emerging Car Designs To Save Lives During Wrecks

CLEVELAND, TN, (WDEF)-"If we go to a vehicle accident scene that requires us to use these tools, there’s a human life involved."

Cleveland Fire Training Captain Pete VanDusen says the department is willing to spend money now, to stay ahead of future car designs, so their tools will not be out of date when someone’s life is on the line.

"Just over 200,000 dollars worth of equipment, we outfitted five engine companies, a ladder company and a squad with hydraulic rescue tools in various degrees of capabilities."

The tools will be put into use straight away to slice through a growing number of exotic metals such as aluminum alloys and boron which are set to become more common in car designs between now and 2017.

At All Metal Salvage in Cleveland they have been dealing with changing car metals and designs for more than three decades and are grateful that the Cleveland Fire Department has new equipment to handle those changes.

Mike Hodnett, All Metal Salvage, Cleveland, TN, "Luckily my son made it through one of his wrecks, or his wreck, they got him down to Chattanooga fast enough that he didn’t die, it’s real important to me, they come here and practice a few times."

Lee University officials say science and engineering industries are constantly trying to keep up with demand for stronger, lighter and more fuel efficient cars.

Matthew Krepps, Chemistry Professor at Lee University, "Boron compounds are known for their light weight and being extremely hard, so other applications we see of Boron compounds include bullet resistant material that are used in Apache helicopters overseas when they are under fire."

Hydraulic rescue tools were first used in motor racing back in the 1960’s and after saving racer’s lives got the nick name the Jaws of life.

Cleveland Firefighters deal with more than 30,000 calls a year.

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