Cleveland Firefighter Arrested For Being Drunk On ATV

CLEVELAND,TN, (WDEF)-Jerry Lowe and his grandson were in bed at midnight on September 6th when they heard a four wheeler flip over in the yard.

Jerry Lowe,"We thought he was trying to steal mine, reason they got him and held him at gunpoint, i called 911, that was basically it, they were johnny on the spot, had just hung up and they were here".

Two Bradley County Sheriff’s deputies arrested the driver of the four wheeler, Cleveland fire fighter Cody Vaughn.

They then went in search of Vaughn’s friend Haley Truelove.

"I couldn’t really make it, i could just hear the loud voice, she was getting a high pitched whine to her voice".

Truelove demanded the deputies leave her alone and kept asking them did they know who she really was stating how influential her family was in Cleveland.

Truelove was arrested for under age consumption.

Vaughn was charged with public intoxication and furnishing alcohol to a minor.

Cleveland Mayor Tom Rowland,"I’m surprised to an extent, but am not surprised by what people do as humans".

This is just one of half a dozen scandals involved Cleveland city employees in recent years.

"Well i think it’s just like anybody else in any profession, things don’t always go perfect".

Vaughn was detained at Bradley County Justice center.

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