College Students Use Education Against ISIS

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- A college campus in Mosul is using education to fight back against ISIS.

Some students have waited two years to get back to their classrooms.

News 12 Correspondent James Mahon shines a light on their struggle.

Sami is going to University to study I.T management.

“I consider this the most important thing in my life”, said Sami.

He is attending one of 6 satellite campuses of the University of Mosul, this one located in Bartella 13 miles east of the city centre.

“We suffer for three years with Isis now the people need the general society to support them.”

The Masawat school building is busy on this May morning with refill pads, note taking and timetables keeping over a 1000 students busy.

Many are just happy to be back in a classroom even if these temporary campuses are not in Mosul itself.

“While we stayed in Mosul we lost two years of education and now new we are going to start.”

Others are not so impressed.

“Small space, as you see, it’s loud, do you see this, class very small”

Ahmed is studying business management and wants the world to know his classmates are not giving up despite the conditions.

“Ask them for their support, so we can recover from this war and take rid of Isis.”.

This is the alternative, Mosul University’s main city campus, bombed and destroyed over the last 2 years, professors fleeing for their lives and it’s location just a few hundred metres from the war on terror’s front line .

“No running water, no WIFI, no electricity and broken wooden desks yet over a 1,000 students are trying to move forward.”

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