Collegedale Based Plane Lands In Field Off Mahan Gap Rd

GEORGETOWN, TN, (WDEF)-"An airplane landing is something you definitely don’t see every day".

Cindy Glover looked on as this single engine aircraft made a precautionary landing just under these high voltage power lines off Georgetown Road.

"There were fire and police personnel when i came through".

Some of those crews rushing to the scene were from Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Jim Hammond, Hamilton County TN,"Experienced engine trouble at 3000 feet, decided he could not fix the problem while in the air and rather than risk being over areas he certainly didn’t want to land in he brought it down in a field".

The plane came down just before 10 am Thursday morning.

Sheriff Jim Hammond, Hamilton County TN,"The plane was not damaged, the pilot nor the passenger were injured, now its just a matter of the FAA looking at it and seeing if the plane can fly and be taken out of there or whether or not it will be trailered out".

The plane was based here at Collegedale municipal airport and was returning to this base, both men were flying instructors.

Collegedale pilots say these landings are incredibly rare and there is no reason for people to question aviation safety.

Andreas Montgomery, Collegedale Pilot."I would say an average general aviation pilot flying what this plane which was an Aeronca Champion would have probably never landed on a field in it’s whole entire life".

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