Covid-Positive Voting at Hamilton County Election Commission

Tuesday, the election commission is hosting a drive through voting system for residents who have or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

A long line of cars showed up at the commission site to cast their votes safely.

“It’s actually my first year voting, so it’s definitely a new experience, and I don’t think its like what it would be in regular circumstances, but I definitely feel like we need to come out and, you know they have steps in place it seems like that are protecting people and we just need to have our voice heard,” says COVID-19 positive voter Zack Miguel.

Hamilton County voter Greg says, “Voting to support the country and bring it to a state that’s going to be fantastic.”

“How long have you been waiting in this line?”

“Uh, about an hour,” says Hamilton County Voter Anthony O’Dell.

“And it’s worth it?”

“Oh, every bit.”

Voting ends at 8 PM tonight.

The Commission site urges only those who are positive or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 come vote at their location.

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