Crowdfunding Helps UTC Lacrosse Team

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-UTC’s lacrosse team had one aim, to get to the national championships.

However funding cuts to college sports left them needing 5000 dollars to make that dream a reality.

Sam Hobbs, Former UTC Lacrosse Team Captain,"Money has been really tight and the school is doing some cutbacks we said hey listen guys lets really just ask for it, we really need the help and we try to put in all we can, so we might as well try and ask".

Hobbs was initially skeptical that a website and social media could help them get to their target.

"Okay maybe we might get a little bit of money but there might be some parents but we got more than that, we had friends, family, some alumni from schools we had gone to".

Promoting their GoFundMe website to hundreds on Facebook and Twitter paid off in just a few hours.

Adam Harbin, UTC Lacrosse President,"That first day we raised over 2500 dollars and then it kind of just trickled in 25 dollar, 50 dollar donations and then there are some bigger ones by bigger donors".

GoFundme has helped more than 123,000 sports teams in America and has had 11 million people donate to their site since it launched in 2010.

Adam Harbin, UTC Lacrosse President,"Very streamlined simply go on their website or the app, we weren’t expecting it to be so easy the money got donated and then directly deposited into our team account."

GoFundme takes a cut of between 5 and 8%  per donation.
GoFundMe confirmed to News 12 they are now also seeing teams use the site in Canada and the UK.
The company is based in San Diego and is considered a crowdfunding website.

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