Dade County Sheriff reopening cold case to confirm possible connection to serial killer

DADE COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF) – The Dade County Sheriff is reopening cold case to confirm possible local connection to convicted serial killer, Samuel Little.

The Dade County Sheriff Ray Cross says he found out Thursday from a Nashville news station. He hadn’t been contacted by the FBI at that time.

He says, “apparently there were at least two bodies” between 1981 and 1988. They were from two cold cases and both are considered Jane Does.

Sheriff Cross wanted to clarify that the DNA from the 1988 case in Rising Fawn has been compared to Samuel Little and that DNA did not match Little’s.

That cold case is about a woman being found on I-59 near the Rising Fawn Exit and the Sheriff stressed that it is not connected to Samuel Little.

The case from 1981 is about a black female, who was reportedly killed in Chattanooga and dumped on I-24. This is the case that they believe Little could be confessing to, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

Sheriff Cross says he knows a skull was found later, but it is still early in the investigation and they are waiting to learn more about what all was found.

Dade County is working with the GBI and FBI.

The sheriff says that the DNA process could take months if not years.

The only confirmation they have right now about Samuel Little being connected to the 1981 case, is Little’s confession.

The sheriff’s office is looking over all of the information from 1981, but says the information is limited because there wasn’t much DNA at that time.

No families have come forward so far with information.

The FBI released this information, but the GBI and Dade County haven’t heard from them and they are hoping to find out more about what other evidence FBI has.

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