Dade County Vandals Tell Police They Were Angry

TRENTON, GA (WDEF) – For the last several days images of vandalism have been circulating, and residents have been wondering why two Dade County High School students vandalize their own school.

Detective Tim Mitchell with the Trenton Police Department, says, "Both just said they were angry."

But what made Logan Haley, 17, and Timothy Sutton, 18, mad enough to cause more than $4,000 worth of damage?

Mitchell adds, "They didn’t really give a specific reason they were angry. I asked them if they were bullied or if there’s anything like that and neither young man had been bullied. They said they were just angry."

Mitchell says the young men were caught on tape and identified pretty quickly.

They were then called into the Trenton Police Department, reportedly gave full confessions, and then turned themselves in.

According to Mitchell, "The parents were upset. They were of course disappointed in their … these young men for doing this".

Mitchell says the pair of high school students had not been in serious trouble before.

Now, they’re both facing two felonies; interference with government property and criminal damage to property in the second degree.

Mitchell adds, "They could go to jail or they could face probation. It’s entirely up to a judge."

Superintendent Cherie Swader couldn’t comment on the investigation, but did say she hopes everyone will join forces and promote the school’s motto of respect, relationships, rigor, and relevance.

As of Thursday evening, Logan Haley and Timothy Sutton were still in jail.

A judge had not yet set their bond.

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