Dade Elementary’s Susan Rose is Golden Apple worthy

Sometimes the key to teaching a child is treating them with love.

At Dade Elementary one special teacher treats each child like a friend.

Susan Rose is this week’s Golden Apple Award winner…

Every eye in Susan Rose’s Dade Elementary classroom is trained on the numbers, drinking in the math lesson.

Today these 3rd graders are learning about fractions… Carefully adding up the parts to make a whole.

For Rose getting this kind of response and eager reaction is a joy, "They’re pretty awesome and we come and have a great day every day."

The 12 year teacher says the 3rd grade is her perfect fit.

The kids are old enough to understand… And young enough to still want to please.

Rose says it’s her job to feed their little brains and to help them be ready to learn, "I feel like for children to learn they need to feel safe and they need to be as happy as they can be."

That attention to the whole child has parents taking notice.

Chastity Crabtree reads from her Golden Apple nomination letter, "You couldn’t ask for a better teacher. She doesn’t just teach because it’s her job, she puts her whole heart into it."

Crabtree says Ms. Rose has made all the difference for her daughter Jasmine.

Her grades have improved and the little girl can’t wait to go to school every day…

Crabtree says every kid in the class feels special when Ms. Rose is around, "I think part of it is because she’s so friendly and loving with them that the kids like to listen to her and like to learn from her."

Rose says loving her kids is easy…

She says teaching is about more than academics.

For nine months of the year she gets to know her students and helps prepare them for the next step… Knowing they’re ready is its own reward, "It’s sad for me to see them get older and know what’s gonna happen. But knowing that they are doing what they are supposed to do… It’s a gift."

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