Dalton Flood Plan Could Hit Funding Stumbling Block

DALTON, GA, (WDEF)-Dalton Utilities say they are dealing with floods for too long and hope a new proposal to city council will solve the concerns of resident’s.

Lori McDaniel, Dalton Utilities, "They have problems, these are issues that have been ongoing they cause property damage, they cause erosion of land they cause water quality issues"

McDaniel says two regions of the city  suffer when there is heavy rain and have done so for years.

"McClellan Creek area which is impacted by water flowing off the mountain by the college and flowing off of i75 and coming down to McClellan Creek and causing issues with property owners there and another area of particular interest is the McCarthy subdivision"

An Atlanta engineering pitched a flood plan which would include a retention pond but could cost millions of dollars.

City officials say they will review the proposal but are not willing to make any rash decisions.

George Sadosuk, Pro Tem, Mayor, Dalton, GA,"We may have ten houses affected and only during very very heavy rainfalls but we don’t have a seriously flooding problem here"

Sadosuk who is the pro tem mayor says funding is a major  concern

"Of course we are talking about spending a lot of taxpayer money for as I understand the new thing that came in is going to be close to 8 million dollars and that doesn’t really solve our problem"

Dalton Utilities says the report is a response to an initial request from City Council after residents came forward asking their council members what could be done to stop the floods.

The flood plan proposal would also call for widening of existing pipes and smaller satellite detention ponds throughout the city.

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