Dalton State College Aims To Preserve Rare Species Of Asian Turtles

DALTON, GA-(WDEF)-Turtles everywhere, eating, swimming, walking and in some cases just curious about our microphones.

At Dalton State they now have some of the rarest species of turtles in the world and they hope their research will help reproduce the species in the coming years.

John Lugthart, Biology Professor, "8 turtles in the lab, three different species but we will be adding more species and individuals as time goes on"

The turtles are placed in environments which encourage reproduction this includes getting sprayed regularly with water to simulate tropical rain fall.

"The college’s mission is to improve opportunities for student research and that’s what this building is all about and this project is going to involve a number of students and other faculty as well"

The turtles are some of the first residents of the college’s new Peeple’s Hall.

Chris Manis, Research Associate,"Dalton State College’s willingness to give us the space and to have the interest in working with these unique animals"

Many of the turtles who now call Dalton State their home are being eaten and used for medical purposes throughout China.

Special projects like the one at Dalton State hope they can keep the species alive in a location where they can’t be hunted down as demand for turtles has risen since the mid 90s throughout Asia.

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