Dangerous Trend, Fire Challenge

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV)A trend has become oddly popular on social media, and it is called the fire challenge.

It is simple for teens to get their hands on the right ingredients to play this game, but it’s not a game worth playing.

"There are much better ways to challenge yourself than to set yourself on fire,” said Chattanooga’s Fire Department Public Information Officer, Bruce Garner.

While making its rounds on social media, and it could have those who try it making rounds to the hospital.

"This is an incredibly stupid practice,” said Garner. “I can’t find any other way to say it."

It is a dangerous challenge that has teens in a bathtub; pour some kind of flammable liquid on their bodies before setting it on fire.

Dr. Fred Mullins works at the Joseph M. Still Burn Center in Augusta, Georgia, and he said this act could have life long consequences.

"It can disfigure them for life, and they can walk around with scares forever,” said Dr. Mullins. “It’s always a constant reminder of what happened."

Garner added there is something even more dangerous these daredevils should consider.

"You’re going to have hot gases going in to your mouth and nose, and you’re going to burn your trachea and perhaps your lungs as well."

So far only one 15-year-old in Buffalo, New York, has died from this challenge, and that’s one too many. Parents need to check and make sure this does not happen to their child.

"Parents need to talk to their kids about this and make sure they don’t have any ideas about following this trend,” said Garner.

A trend that many are hoping will cool off very soon.

Garner also said that the flammable liquids actually can make the burns you receive worse.

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