Dedrick Lindsey Jr. Allegedly Stabs Man 73 Times in Prison, Adding More Charges to Upcoming Attempted Murder Trial

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Dedrick Lamont Lindsey Jr. Of Chattanooga shot a man in 2013 and 2017. Investigators say the man is the father of a child with a woman Lindsey dated. The man later testified against Lindsey and Lindsey was charged with attempted first degree murder.

Lindsey has been in jail awaiting trial ever since. In October of 2020 while behind bars, prosecutors say Lindsey and other prisoners staged a coordinated, brutal and violent stabbing of a cousin of the man that testified against Lindsey. Investigators say this violent assault was a retaliation.

A prisoner captured cell phone video of the stabbing. They played it in the hearing. It was gruesome and very graphic.

Lindsey is seen taunting and yelling at the victim and yelling into the camera. Court officials requested the media not air names or faces of the victims, who are not in prison, out fear of further retaliation.

“Most times when a gang member is locked up and the witnesses are not, the gang member who is charged with the crime has gang members who are outside who can intimidate a witness,” says Boyd Patterson, Hamilton County Public Defender. A trial for Lindsey’s attempted murder charge will be this spring.

Prosecutors want this stabbing to be further evidence against Lindsey in his trial. Lindsey’s attorney wants the stabbing incident dismissed, saying multiple times it was difficult to identify Lindsey as actually stabbing the victim in the video. A motion for this dismissal will be held in March.

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