Driving and DUI charges dropped against Cleveland Detective

RINGGOLD, Georgia (WDEF) – Charges have been dropped against a Cleveland Detective.

Taylor F. Thompson was charged with failure to Move Over in East Ridge and then DUI in Catoosa County.

He was driving with three other Cleveland officers after seeing a Five Finger Death Punch concert in Chattanooga and going out afterwards.

All four officers were suspended pending an investigation, but only Thompson was charged.

His attorney says the Move Over violation was dismissed in East Ridge Court last week after the arresting officer’s body cam showed the vehicle was never in the lane of the officer.

Attorney McCracken Poston says “This is the textbook case for body cams, as our memories are not as reliable as the videos recording in the same direction the wearer is facing, capturing the very same things the witness sees, but the witness can interpret so very differently.”

The East Ridge officer alerted Georgia deputies of the stop on I 75.

They are the ones that charged Thompson with DUI.

But the blood alcohol test kit they used on him was expired.

So the judge also dropped that charge.

Thompson said he had drunk 4 beers that night.

Poston concluded “This public servant, a detective, also needs to be publicly exonerated on the fact that no test of blood collected in that expired vial would have ever been viable in a court of law.”

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