East Ridge officer fatally shoots suspect; eyewitness explains what he saw

EAST RIDGE, Tennessee (WDEF) – What started off as an investigation into a disturbance, has quickly escalated into an officer involved fatal shooting.

It happened outside a residence near the intersection of Prigmore Road and Spriggs Street.

East Ridge resident Alec Long told News 12 he was outside in his wheel chair when he saw an East Ridge police officer raise his weapon and shoot a suspect four times in the chest.

“He shot that man I said, I sat there and saw than man get shot,” Long said.

According to investigators, it all started when police were first called to a nearby AutoZone store in reference to a man causing a disturbance while yielding a knife.

“East Ridge Police Department then located the suspect at a residence on Prigmore Road. Upon confronting the suspect, he was found to be holding a weapon and refused officer commands. The suspect approached the officer and was fire upon for failure to yield to commands,” said Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Spokesperson Mat Lea.

“Yes the suspect was running towards the policeman. He was the only officer here. All of a sudden, he raised his rifle up and fired the shots at him,” Long said.

Several eyewitnesses told News 12 the officer fired an assault rifle at the suspect from 15 feet away, but authorities have not confirmed the type of weapon that was used by the officer. Two eyewitnesses who asked not to identified said the suspect appeared to stop when the officer told him to halt.

The name of the suspect who was shot and killed, and the name of the officer who shot him has not been disclosed.

News 12 will have more information as it becomes available.

East Ridge, Tenn. (WDEF) – The man shot by an officer earlier this evening has died, according to Hamilton County Sheriff’s Matt Lea.

No details have been released about the man nor the officer involved.

Lea told reporters on the scene that the district attorney’s office requested the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office take over the investigation.

News 12 will have more as this story develops

East Ridge, Tenn. (WDEF)- An officer has been involved in a shooting Friday evening.

The incident happened at the intersection of Prigmore Road and Spriggs Street in East Ridge.

An eyewitness tells News 12 that a man was armed with some sort of weapon. An officer shot that man four times in the chest, according to the eyewitness.

News 12 does not know the current condition of the man, but he was rushed to a local hospital.

News 12 has a crew on the scene and we’ll bring you updates as they become available.

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