East Ridge Owes State $600K

EAST RIDGE, TN. (WDEF-TV) – The city of East Ridge is on the hook for more than 600-thousand dollars because it moved the fire hall on Camp Jordan.
As we reported on May 15, East Ridge bought the property for the firehall from TDOT in 2009 for a reduced price of 50-thousand dollars. The agreement was that if its used for anything else, the city will have to pay the other 71% of the cost.

When the station was moved to make room for the Bass Pro Shop development, the state asked for the rest, but, with the new assessed value, East Ridge now owes 603-thousand.

Mayor Brent Lambert tells WDEF News 12 the city has the money to pay the state, but it will submit that expense for repayment under the Border Region legislation.
The legislation allows funding to cities for development near state lines.

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