Elder Abuse Awareness Day

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – Tennessee’s older adults often become the targets or scammers, financial con artists and abusers. 

That’s why June 15th is recognized as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. 

The main signs of elder abuse include the senior’s guardian acting in their own best interest at the expense of a senior member of the family, The second is if the elderly person is not being taken to their medical appointments, and The last thing would be overcharging for services. 

“Every year an estimated 1 and 10 older Americans become victims of elder abuse. Unfortunately as few as 1 & 14 cases ever come to the attention of authorities. These abusive situations can result in physical harm, mental harm and then financial harm could also occur,” says Kevin Walters, Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance 

If you believe your senior family member has fallen victim to elder abuse – contact law enforcement immediately and make a report

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