Fabulous Father: Randy Bucher from East Ridge

25-years ago, Randy Bucher became a father for the first time.  Daughter Brandi Bucher says "he’s not only my father, he’s my financial advisor, my mentor, my rock."

After the birth of second child, Danielle, Bucher and his wife Eva decided to attend church.  "We started that thought so they would have a decent background and we could be good people, we never imagined we’d be Christians."

Bucher had always been a giver.  But that decision provided him with an outlet to share his gifts.  Brandi says "its not just for his family, its something he has inside of him for everybody… and he spreads that to everybody in the community."

Bucher takes kids from broken homes fishing, volunteers with Hope for the Inner City’s job training program, and fixes things for neighbors free of charge.  "I’ve always been on the administrative end of mercy."

And even though he freely gives his time to others, Bucher doesn’t short change those closest to him.  From special breakfasts to original bedtime stories, Bucher knows family comes first.  "He’s been there for every school event, every sporting event, for everything I’ve needed… He’s even been there for the boyfriend problems and the things that dads tend to stay away from," says Brandi.

A few years ago, doctors diagnosed Bucher with a rare form of cancer — and told him to prepare his will.  "Right before I went into surgery, the thing that killed me the most was Brandi said Daddy if something happens to you what am I going to do, where am I going to go, who’s going to tell me what to do if I’ve got a problem."

He fought off the disease to continue to serve his family.  Now, cancer free for two-years, he’s playing Dad all over again to a grandson in need of a father figure.

Over the next three weeks, we’ll spotlight other special dads from the Tennessee Valley, leading up to Father’s Day.  Share your father’s story with us by clicking here.

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