First Responder Hero Award – Trooper Terrence Gann

Taking charge of a massive crash on the interstate—directing the cleanup of wrecks that block traffic sometimes for hours and making sure the injured are getting the treatment they need. That’s all in a days work for Trooper Terrence Gann of the Tennessee Highway Patrol. He has worked lots of these wrecks in his 15 year career and he knew a true medical emergency when he saw one back on the morning of August 8th. In this case, it was a wrecker driver who needed the help.

Trooper Terrence Gann, “We had an overturned tractor trailer on 24 westbound overturned and we were trying to get the roadway opened soon as possible… it’s what we do… the wrecker drivers came… got the truck flipped up. They were trying to pull it out of the roadway.”

But a load shifted and pinned the wrecker driver’s arm.

Trooper Terrence Gann, “The wrecker driver coming back towards the vehicle holding his arm. I thought he might have just broke his arm or pinched his arm. You know maybe a small cut or something… didn’t know the extent of it until he got back to me.”

Gann grabbed his emergency first aid kit that contains two kinds of tourniquets.

Trooper Terrence Gann, “More of an elastic tourniquet and that’s when I grabbed it and was able to get it around his arm… was a little wrecker driver… was able to hang on to it. His name was John and, uh, told him to put pressure on it and to the hospital we went. We tried to get there as quickly as we could. ”

Terry Gann actually took the injured to the hospital in the back of his patrol car. Quick thinking that saved a life. Gann received a commendation from his THP Captain Jeff Mosley for his actions. News 12 Now thinks he deserves to be named our First Responder of the month.

Trooper Terrence Gann, “Just doing my job. I would have done it for anyone else.”

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