Friends remember Brennan Wilson as a great friend, family man; Police give update on case

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – A man is dead after a motorcycle crash last night.

Friends of Brennan Wilson say that he was the person who would be there for you if you needed anything, now they are doing what he would for his loved ones at this difficult time.

“It’s tough to find the words is tough to even understand what happens and I just feel like everything has a purpose and you just have to love the family and keep him in your prayers and your thoughts,” says Shawn Cooley.

26-year-old Brennan Wilson was killed Sunday night around 8 pm on Highway 153 near Hamill Road.

The investigation is ongoing, but traffic investigators have reason to believe that a driver made a left turn into the path of Wilson’s motorcycle, causing the fatal collision.

Shawn Cooley says he and Wilson went to Sequactie County High together, playing baseball together since elementary school and then being fitted for tuxedos together before prom.

Cooley and several others have taken to Facebook to remember Wilson.

Cooley says, “Man he is the kind of guy that you want around. He could be serious when he needs to be, but he was always the guy to bring the laughs.”

He says Wilson would be there for you if you needed him, “but he was going to bring some comic relief and I’ll never forget that about him. He was just a really good friend and a really good man.”

Chattanooga Police say this was the 4th fatal motorcycle crash this year.

Three of which were not the fault of the motorcyclist, but there is something everyone can do to keep every driver safe on the road.

Sgt. Justin Kilgore, with the Chattanooga Police Department Traffic Division urges drivers to “pay attention to the other drivers you. You yourself has to drive defensively especially when you’re on a motorcycle because cars don’t see you as often.”

Sgt. Kilgore urges motorcyclists to

  • Wear reflective gear
  • Consider adding a flashing headlight to your bike
  • Add a double headlight, similar to the ones cars have
  • ALWAYS have a DOT certified helmet.

Sgt. Kilgore also says drivers have a responsibility to protect themselves and other motorists like motorcyclists, especially when it comes to gauging how fast a car is going when considering to turn in their lane of travel.

“I would take the extra second whether it’s a motorcycle or car that’s coming at you because you just don’t know. We’ve worked a lot of crashes with different age groups of people that could not judge the speed of that vehicle or that motorcycle. So why take the risk?,” says Sgt. Kilgore.

He also says “so what… if you [have to wait at] the light… What are you going to be like a minute or two minutes late to your destination, you might be saving your life or somebody else’s on the road.”

The biggest tip from police was to just slow down, take an extra second before making decisions.

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