Gun store owners and law enforcement react to Las Vegas shooting

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Gun store owners and law enforcement in our area say they are saddened about the Las Vegas mass shooting.

John Martin owns Shooters Depot. The mass shooting in Las Vegas was on his mind on Monday.
Martin says what separates this from other mass shootings is the fact it was done with a fully automatic weapon.

“This type of hate crime has been going on and I think it will continue. The weaponry is changing and that is causing a greater body count. Certainly fully automatic is capable of taking down a lot more people than a bolt action rifle,” Martin said.

It is against the law to convert a weapon into fully automatic.

“You can be incarcerated for ten years and fined up to ten thousand dollars to convert any weapon into fully auto. It is not a hard task. It is not a task that every person has or skill that every person has, but any competent gunsmith can convert a pistol or rifle into fully automatic,” Martin said.

A the Hamilton County Sheriff’s, they are also thinking about the shooting. Chief Deputy Allen Branum says it won’t change how they do security at big events like the Ironman.

“All of this does is reminds us to keep doing what we are doing. Be as prepared as we can possibly be. You can’t stop all of the destructiveness and what is going on nowadays. All we can do is be prepared and rely on intelligence that we have and we have a tremendous cooperation between area law enforcement, federal, state and local,” Branum said.

Back at Shooters Depot, Martin says there are ways to curtail the violence, but he doesn’t think it will ever stop completely.

“We live in a society and have always lived on a planet where hate is prevalent. You can’t stop hate. It is innate to our nature,” Martin said.

In a statement, Chattanooga Police Chief David Roddy says this tragedy will shape conversations about event security for the Chattanooga Police Department and law enforcement agencies around the country.

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