Gun Unit being created in Chattanooga, NIBIN system explained

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – The Chattanooga Police Department is creating a Gun Unit that will focus on “eradicating as much gun violence as they possibly can” by using the NIBIN system.

They will pair the technology with following up with shots fire calls and getting on in the community where the violence is happening.

This technology allows police to look at bullets in 3D.

Recently, a gun was found that was linked to an aggravated assault in Memphis and a double homicide near Atlanta. 

Members of law enforcement from all over the state met here in the Chattanooga this week.

They were able to see how this mobile ballistic testing unit works.

CPD says this technology is able to find ties between different shooting incidents to better help them close cases…. which in the long run will lead to a better quality of life for all of us.

Sgt. Josh May says, “If we can shut down shots fired calls in the neighborhoods so kids can get a good sleep and show up to school ready for their TCAP Test this week that’s a win for everybody. We don’t want these children to have to listen to gunfire at three in the clock in the morning and they have absolutely nothing to do with it yet they’re being affected by it more than anyone else.”

The Chattanooga Police Department is forming a gun unit that will launch in June.

This unit of 6 people, with Sgt. Josh May, heading it up will focus on getting these guns, that are involved in multiple incidents, off the streets. Sgt. May says 75% of recovered firearms used in shootings are from group/gang members.

A NIBIN technician showed up how they use the system with law enforcement agencies across the county to match two different shell casings that would ultimately link shootings to each other.

Sgt. May says, “Being able to put shell casings to guns, guns to people, and people to incidents is extremely crucial in our focused deterrence model and our intelligence lead policing. ”

The Gun Unit will focus on getting guns out of the hands of people not legally allowed to carry and following up with the community’s effected by the dozens of shots fired calls that plague the community.

They will also focus on following up on all shots fired calls within 48 hours of them occurring.

“Individuals who just want to go to work and live a productive life are being affected in more ways than their houses is being shot up,” says Sgt. May.

This ballistic testing system was explained as being like a fingerprint and “the machine will create an algorithm, it’s like a bar-code, that is specific to this piece of evidence.”

This evidence is then processed by police and used to prosecute offenders. This is where the Gun Unit’s work will come into play.

Sgt. May says, “We serve as a liaison as well to ensure that the most violent offenders better out here causing the violence on the streets are held accountable and not out here to hurt anybody else.”

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