Hamilton County District Attorney Debate Set for Tuesday 3/29/22

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – We are little more than a month away from the Republican Primary in the Hamilton County District Attorney’s race, but we are just one day away from a debate between the incumbent, Neal Pinkston and challenger Coty Wamp.

The East Brainerd Kiwanis Club will host that debate, tomorrow (3/29/22) night at 7 at the Brainerd Baptist BX. It’s an auditorium like setting. Everyone is invited.

News 12 Now’s evening anchor Andrew Harrison  will be the moderator. He’ll ask each one an issue-related question. They will have 2 minutes to answer. Their opponents will then have 1 minute to respond to that answer. It will go on that way until 8 p.m.

East Brainerd Kiwanis Club President Cody Harvey says, ” We want to stick to the meat and potatoes issues that people really want to hear about, and what will really inform them to make an informed decision when they get to the ballot box.”

If you can’t make it tomorrow night, News 12 Now at 11 will have a recap.

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