Hamilton Place and Northgate Malls set to open Friday, May 1st

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn (WDEF) – On Tuesday,  Mayor Jim Coppinger announced that this now includes retail shops in the county and city of Chattanooga.

Since Mayor Jim Coppinger’s announcement, Hamilton Place and Northgate Mall have decided to open their doors on Friday, May 1st.

Spokesperson for the mall says that they have adjusted their hours of operation and that not all stores inside the mall will be open.  

Retail shops are free to choose if and when they’d like to reopen their doors to the public.

“Any retailer that chooses to reopen on Friday or over the next couple of days or weeks will be required to follow the guidelines that have been set forth by the governor’s orders. In addition, we have but some extra protective measures in place, to make sure we are doing what we can to keep the community healthy,” says Stacey Keating, Spokesperson for Northgate and Hamilton Place Mall

The mall has adjusted their hours to 11am to 7pm Monday through Saturday and 12pm to 6pm on Sundays. 

They will not be allowing 10 or more people to gather in one area.

“We have closed our food court seating area. We are closing all of our soft seating areas and all the gathering areas within the mall, including the children’s play area. So we hope by closing that we can keep groups to smaller numbers. Our security will be patrolling. If they see a group larger than 10 they will ask them to break up,” says Keating.

The mall’s website will offer a list of the stores that have chosen to reopen, as each individual store makes a decision. 

Overall, Keating says they want the public to know they are implementing every safety measure possible.

“We understand the public’s concerns about coming back to a public space like this. So, we want to be very thoughtful in our approach to reopening.We want to make sure the public is aware of the measures we have put into place. We expect our retailers to follow the guidelines from the governor’s office. We want people to become comfortable with those procedures that we have put into place,” says Keating.

The Mall is encouraging, but not requiring, shoppers to wear masks.

for more information on both calls click here and here.


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