Hickory Valley Christian’s Angela Frost’s unconventional methods get kids reading

Reading is perhaps the most important foundation for a child’s learning.

At Hickory Valley Christian School one special teacher makes sure each child learns.

Angela Frost is this week’s Golden Apple Award winner…

Teacher Angela Frost asks a classroom full of 1st graders, "What do you say when you open your mouth ‘ah.’ What letter is ‘ah?’" One of her student answers, "A." Ms. Frost smiles as she nods, "You know that, Yes!"

In Angela Frost’s classroom, everybody learns their vowel sounds.

Today the class is learns phonics with the help of the ‘Vowel House.’

The Hickory Valley Christian teacher says it’s a good way to make sure all her students learn the basics to help them read.

Ms. Frost says, "For some students they don’t learn the traditional strategies of phonics and by using this technique you’re able to help all of the students, especially those that have kind of struggled in reading."

Ms. Frost’s dedication to each student’s progress has one family singing her praise.

Christy Johnson reads from her Golden Apple nomination letter, "Mrs. Frost, who is actually not even Nolan’s (homeroom) teacher, stepped up and offered to tutor Nolan after school."

Christy’s son Nolan struggled with his reading. When Ms. Frost discovered the problem, Johnson says Ms. Frost offered to tutor Nolan to keep him on track.

Christy says, "She stepped up and said ‘I’ll do it, I’ll be happy to do it.’ And she wouldn’t take a penny for it. She meets with him once a week and it’s made all the difference in the world."

Nolan likes it too, "We like read words and done all that."

Ms. Frost says reaching each child is her purpose in life.

She loves working with these tiny minds and her joy is helping them be their best, "To work with them and give them the individualized attention they need and to spend time with them one on one and watch them grow and take off and just soar as a reader… It makes every day worth getting up and coming into work."

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