High School bookkeeper charged with stealing school funds

FAYETTEVILLE, Tennessee (WDEF) – A grand jury has indicted the former bookkeeper at Highland Rim School in Fayetteville, Tennessee, to our west.

Investigators were called in when school officials discovered their accounts were running low on money.

Auditors found the school records were in disarray.

Angela Osborne was the bookkeeper for a year and a half while also being the color guard sponsor for Lincoln County High.

State investigators now say she stole money and made unauthorized purchases for Highland Rim totaling over $6,000.

That included:

  • $2,417 that was never deposited to the Highland Rim School’s bank account;
  • $3,479.35 of Highland Rim School money that Osborne used to purchase LCHS color guard equipment. For example, Osborne ordered shirts for the LCHS color guard but paid for the shirts from the Highland Rim School volleyball account; and
  • A $230.99 personal purchase of a drum practice pad using Highland Rim School funds.

Investigators say the “disarray” wasn’t an accident.

They accuse Osborne of misusing the school’s accounting software to hide her actions.

Auditors say they still can’t verify where all the money went.

Osborne has now been indicted on one count of theft over $2,500, and one count of destruction and tampering with governmental records.

“School officials must ensure that checks and balances are built into their financial operations,” said Tennessee Comptroller Jason Mumpower.

“One person should not be given too much control of the money without adequate oversight.”

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